Colin Harmon

Top 5 Challenge – Colin Harmon

English Market Cork

English Market, Cork

I was born in Cork and lived in what used to be a small town outside the city called Carrigaline so I vividly remember walking through the Engish Market, looking for big fish on the counters and splashing in the puddles running from the counters. Its a little more polished these days buy hasn’t lost any of its charm. Its a shame we don’t have something similar in Dublin.

Fallon & Byrne

Fallon & Byrne, Dublin

Any time I have a few mins to spare in the city I nip into Fallon and Byrne and have a root around. The variety of produce is great but they also do the basics like beef, veg, oils really well.

La Boqueria

La Boqueria, Barcelona

I love Barcelona and I always make a bee line to this market when I visit. Theres lots of great bars to sit at and eat with a really great selection of wines to boot. Possibly my favourite one anywhere. Possibly.


Pike Place, Seattle

The first Starbucks still lives in the Pike Place market in Seattle so I love to pop by, even if I’m not mad on the coffee. The atmosphere in the market is great early in the morning, especially amongst the fish traders but it can turn into a bit of a circus later in the day.

Borough Market

The Borough Market London

A friend of mine set up the Monmouth coffee bar here many moons ago and it’s a proper icon for coffee lovers everywhere. These days the market is less about artisan producers but more about seeing what new trends are probably gonna hit Dublin in 18 months time. Also, Neal’s Yard Dairy is worth the trip alone for cheese!

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