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The Eatyard is Closing

We have finally come to the end of our festival season. The Eatyard will be closing after the Brewtonic Beer Festival this weekend.

Here’s a look at some of the fun we had this year

Wine & Cheese Festival
Big Cheese

And boy did we have a Gouda time indeed, so much cheese, so much wine and so much fun having our first festival to kick off the Eatyard season. We were overwhelmed with the response to this event and we were delighted.

Gin Fusion

Gin Fusion Adam Pouring Beefeater

Gin Fusion was one of our first festivals we ever did in the Bernard Shaw & Eatyard so it was tradition we had it again this year. It was even better than ever before and our favourite drink had to be the Bonac slushies. Here’s our bartender Adam making up some of the many G&T’s we served over the 4 days.. tasty….

Crisp Festival

Crisp Festival photo

The Crisp Festival was such a huge success, we got all of those crisps that were super nostalgic about and sold out of so many of them. The crowds went wild for crisps and Mr Tayto even popped in for a quick visit. If you managed to get a photo that is a lifelong dream come true.

Rosé Day

Rose Day

We saw a chance to drink Rosé all day so we had Rosé Day because why the hell not? At Eatyard we love to play around with different events & we even got to try out Frozé, we kid you not, but frozen….Rosé.

Brewtonic Beer Festival

And now we come to a close with our Brewtonic Beer Festival which you can find out all info on here. It’s going to be a lot of fun as you can see in our poster below all the breweries & activities to come 🙂

Brewtonic Beer Festival Poster-01

Come down and have a last hoorah with us and a last bit of delicious grub from all our our favourite vendors. This is not to say we won’t be back very soon…. We are super excited for some of the projects to come in the coming months, so keep your eyes & ears peeled on all of our socials 🙂

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We would like to thank all of you for visiting, tasting our food, sharing memories with your pals and being apart of the Eatyard experience

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