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One of the Eatyarders went to LA Babay

Oh to live in LA and bask in the sun whilst scoffing our faces with all of the grub there is….

Oh wait one of our Eatyarders, Ellen, went to Santa Monica recently and came back with a fulfilled Instagram feed of all the delicious things she tried on her travels… Here is her account of those delicious food pit stops along the way…

Me when I’ve eaten loads of great food

Where to begin, most of my holidays consist of choosing an area purely for their food options. I know people might usually go for the best night life, the best swimming pools, or that location where they shot that film I’ve never seen. I go for somewhere that is filled with le grub. So here’s a few piccies of that grub that I did eat and throughly enjoyed during my stay in Santa Monica

In & Out Burger

In&Out Burger

Well well well.. of course the first thing we did was get off the plane and go straight to In & Out Burger. I gotta say it did live up to its expectations and I mean might as well start with a bang and go in and all OUT… haw haw. I got the animal style burger & fries and HUGE glorious refill of coke, was wired afterwards which did not help any jet lag.. worth it.

Cafe Gratitude

Cafe Gratitude

Never have I been to a restaurant where every choice on the menu is named after a feeling of gratitude and you must order with ‘I am (insert cheesy word here)’ so obviously I went and ordered ‘I am evolved’ cause I totally am. Then the waiter will indeed come when your food is ready and tell you ‘You are evolved’ as they set the food down. I gotta say after eating their version of a bibimbap bowl with crispy rice, kimchee, mushrooms, sea palm, cucumber, chickpea frittatas & their bibimbap sauce, I was feelin overly evolved and very happily full of goodness.

Lucky Bird

Lucky Bird

One of THE best places for food in LA is Grand Central Market in downtown. These guys had just opened on the Monday and we were there eating on the Saturday and MY GOD. This was the best chicken burger I have ever had.. There was even a little lemon zest on it and their homemade hot sauce was just unreal. It also very much helped that the staff were super kind and lovely and I hope they do so well on their new venture. We even got some of their Mac n Cheese on the house which was also delish.

Sidecar Doughnuts

Sidecar Donuts

The Maple & Bacon donut that I have been dreaming of since I left, and went back three times over one week to get another and another. Absolutely no shame. Their cold brew was also very tasty, great ole combo on a hot day in LA. If you ask anyone that I spoke to about my trip this was probably all I mentioned. Sidecar donuts forever on my mind.

Backyard Bowls

Backyard Bowls

And with the unhealthy foods we always balance with the healthy. Backyard bowls was my first ever experience trying açaí bowls and I also came back here more than once for breakfast. I do love that in LA you can eat really well, but I also love that everywhere you turn there’s donuts. Best of both worlds. Also their Kombucha says ‘Vybes’ on it, what more could you want?

Go Get Em Tiger


You can’t go to LA and not check out one of the best places for both brunch and beverages. This was my first turmeric latte also known as ‘tumie’, oh so LA and I looooved it. Another thing I’ll be dreaming about until I get back there some day or maybe they’ll open up in Ireland some day, who knows? I also bought one of those mugs that their friend Phill Kim makes for them. PS their coffee is also amazing and I brought back some to Dublin of course. An inspiring place that makes you wanna open your own.

LA is a lovely yummy place

LA beach

To conclude, LA is a delicious place to visit. Once you know the spots you are in for a treat. The sun is always shining, there is SO much to see & do and what a place to just chill out, have a tumie, read a book and just become evolved. I… am… evolved.

Ellen xo

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