La Cocina Cuevas at the new Eatyard

Jeremy Cuevas born and raised in Lodi California, started his chef life at a young age under the watchful eye of his Abuela (grandmother). She owned a mexican restaurant in Lodi, which started as a taco shack on Highway 12. He studied and worked for a decade in several of London’s top restaurants. Now he has come to Ireland where he is cooking his modern take on the food his Abuela taught him to cook so many years ago in her restaurant, La Cocina Cuevas.

These guys have been popping up in lots of different events Like Guinness 232 & Franks wine bar on Camden Street recently we had to get them into our new Eatyard & check them out!

We’re very excited to have them on board & cannot wait to eat tacos everyday – as the LCC crew have themselves on their own tshirts ‘Feck Taco Tuesday, Taco Everyday!’… Never a truer word spoken to be fair.

Follow them on insta @lacocinacuevas

Check out their website here.


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