🌿 Farmyard Harvest Day 🌿
Saturday Sept 17th, 2022

@ The Eatyard Space


Join us in Eatyard next year to celebrate our spring & summer of growing herbs, fruit, veg & flowers across all of our Bodytonic spaces, rooftops and backyards: The Lighthouse, The Square Ball, The Back Page, Wigwam & The Bernard Shaw. 🍇 🍏🍒 🍊 🥔 🥬

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 🌿 2021 Harvest Day Highlights 🌿


This is a seated & socially distant event

– We recommend you book a table in advance

– Please wear a mask when travelling to and moving around the venue.

– Please sanitize your hands when entering the venue, and at regular intervals during your stay

If you have any q’s, get in touch with us below;
info@the-eatyard.com | (01) 9060218

Or fill out the form here;


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