Donuts Eating Contest

Everybody’s gotta love donuts, whether they’re jam, custard, chocolate or plain. This Saturday we’re back with our eating competitions and this week’s is DONUTS… sounds pretty easy right? Well not if you’ve got 30 seconds to stuff your face with as many donuts before you throw up….mmmm

We’re teaming up with Eatyard’s vendor Mr Donut to give you the freshest, tastiest, creamy spongy donuts you’ll ever have…So if you love donuts the way Homer Simpson does and think you have what it takes to be our King/Queen Donut then sign up below 50 worth of Eatyard vouchers for the winner

Kick off at 6.30pm

Eatyard is Closing

The Eatyard is closing up for a few months to get ready for a few special events to come in the Winter. Sign up to our mailing list and we'll keep you in the loop

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