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Delalicious Book Launch

This Thursday 3rd of May we have something very special on for all you foodie lovers. Sinéad Delahunty, a Tipperary physiotherapist, food blogger, and Gaelic footballer, will have her book launch for her first cookbook ‘DELALICIOUS’ at Eatyard.  Sinéad’s family tree traces a long line of farmers and home cooks from rural Tipperary, she comes from the heart of the Golden Vale, an area renowned for its fertile land and food in Ireland.

Juggling a full-time job as a physiotherapist, a Gaelic football career and a food blog, Sinéad knows the pitfalls of being under time pressure, but most importantly, she has mastered how to fuel her body healthily. Sinead’s recipes don’t follow any strict diets, she simply fills her plate with a healthy balance of real food.

Delalicious features mouth-watering recipes for everything from breakfasts, lunches and dinners to decadent (yet nourishing!) desserts, plus tips and tricks for snacking. These dishes are designed to energise your body before a workout and repair it afterwards. Sinead says “Delalicious will give your body the nutrition it needs, whether you train to compete or exercise for health”. Her easy, delicious recipes embrace natural ingredients and will inspire you to eat better for boundless energy.

You can catch Sinead sharing some of her Delalicious creations at Eatyard this Thursday from 6-7.30pm on the stage.

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