July 22nd – 24th

We Wheelie love crisps here in Ireland, be it wafer thin slices of deep fried spuds or corn shaped snacks with filthy, delicious flavours. The darlings of our nostalgic taste buds, we eat them as snacks, in sandwiches, as a stopgap dinner in the pub and party food. Crisps have always been there for us, so we decided it was about time we celebrated them once again! 

In 2018 we hosted Ireland’s first ever Crisp Festival in our Portobello location – and it’s time to bring it back!

Please note this isn’t really a family friendly event. Kids are welcome before 8pm, but there aren’t any kids focused entertainment/ games

What to Expect ✈️ 🌴

⭐ Crisp Tuck Shop [retro, classic, corn snacks]
⭐ Crisp Tasting Menu (Ticketed)
⭐ Blind Crisp Tasting Contests (Enter on the day)
⭐ DIY Crisp Sambo Making Competition (Enter on the day)
⭐ Jonnie Onion Ring Challenge (Enter on the day)
⭐ Crisp & Cocktail Deals
⭐ Crisp Hampers Available To Buy


Friday Schedule 
5pm | Fest & Tuck Shop Opens
6pm | Blind Crisp Tasting Competition
7pm | DIY Crisp Sambo making competition
8pm | Crispy Quiz
9pm | Hot Lips Limbo
9:30pm | Crunchy Giant Jenga
10pm | DJ Queen Beatz (Dancefloor)

Saturday Schedule 
12pm | Fest & Tuck Shop Opens
4pm | DJ Lolz (Eatyard)
5pm | Blind Crisp Tasting Competition
5:30pm | Johnny Onion Ring Challenge
6pm | DIY Crisp Sambo making competition
7pm | Crispy Quiz
8pm | Hot Lips Limbo
8:30pm | Crunchy Giant Jenga
10pm | Shook Out DJs (Dancefloor)

Sunday Schedule 
12pm | Fest & Tuck Shop Opens
1pm | Drag Brunch (Booking Required)
3:30pm | All Ireland Final (On The Telly)
4pm | DJ Lou (Eatyard)
6pm | Blind Crisp Tasting Competition
6pm | Crisp & Beer Tasting Menu (SOLD OUT)
6:30pm | DIY Crisp Sambo making competition
7:30pm | Hot Lips Limbo
8:00pm | Crunchy Giant Jenga

🎟️  Tickets 🎟️

Although entry is free, you can buy €16 tickets below which guarantees entry + 2 x Absolut cocktails of your choice and a packet of crisps on arrival

Please note: all tickets are non-refundable

Sign up for the games below


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