⭐️Reopening Dec 4th⭐️

**For Bookings & Walk-ins **

Opening Hours for Eatyard
Thurs – Sun: 12pm – 10pm


Eatyard is located on Cross Guns Bridge, Glasnevin, beside the Bernard Shaw Pub.

Opening Hours for Takeaway;
Thurs – Sun: 12pm-10pm

If you have any q’s, get in touch with us below;
info@the-eatyard.com | (01) 9060218

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    Eatyard first appeared at Bodytonic’s Beatyard Festival, Dun Laoghaire in 2016 as a motley crew of street food vendors feeding hungry festival goers. We thought street food deserved more of a home than just popping up at festivals and so in November of that year we opened up a semi-permanent food market next to The Bernard Shaw in Portobello. Since then we’ve welcomed some tasty trucks and stalls through the gates including vendors like Vish Shop, Kale and Coco, Wing It and Box Burger. We built an Eatyard stage to host talks and demos where we’ve cooked with Levi Roots, chatted with 3FEs Colin Harmon and Mr. Holmes Bakery in San Franciso. We’ve had incredibly successful brand takeovers like Baileys Treatyard. And we’ve started a host of micro-festivals including Eatyard Crisp Festival, Gin Fusion and of course Eatyard Wine & Cheese. We opened for the festive season as Yuleyard in 2018. In 2019 we begin to take Eatyard on the road to various other destinations and new ideas, like our monthly Sunday parties in the Pot Duggans Barns and Yard with the finest Irish chefs. We moved our Wine and Cheese festival to Iveagh Gardens.

    In November of 2019 we packed up shop and moved to Cross Guns Bridge, Glasnevin to our new permanent location – right on the Royal Canal. To get involved contact us: info@the-eatyard.com

    ‘Recognised Leaders in Irish Street Food’
    Irish enterprise Awards 2018

    ‘Recognised Leaders in Casual Dining – Dublin’
    Global Excellence Awards 2018

    ‘Best Outdoor Catering Business – Dublin’
    Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018


    ‘A properly cool food court beside an excellent pub with quality fast food aimed at vegans, carnivores and hipsters.’ – read more here

    ‘The hippest spot to grab a bite while you’re Xmas shopping’ – read more here

    ‘4 Excellent Eats to try at Yuleyard’ – read more here

    General Info: The Bernard Shaw Bar inside will accept credit cards and do cash back, but most food vendors won’t. Ask staff at each area before you order if you are not sure. There is an ATM right across the road and one located in Spar.


    Where is Eatyard & how do I get there?

    Eatyard is located in Glasnevin. We are beside the Bernard Shaw pub, right beside the Royal canal on Withworth road. Eatyard is located 15 minute drive from The City Centre. The main bus stop outside is Stop no. 186

    What are the opening times?

    We are open for takeaway from Thurs-Sun 12pm-10pm (starting May 28th)

    How does it work?

    The Eatyard is free in. You can book a table but this isn’t necessary and you can just rock up on the day it’s very casual. Some of our festivals may require tickets but you can find out this info on our website or just email us.

    Do I have to book in advance?

    Not at all. You can just rock up on the day Eatyard is very casual and we always keep half our seats free for walk-ups so you can just pop in and grab a table as you please.

    Do the vendors take card?

    Some of the vendors have card machines but not all so it is advised to have some cash with you or check beforehand.

    What are Eatyard vouchers?

    Eatyard vouchers are our own currency for the food market. You do not need these to pay and you can pay in cash & card (selected vendors have card machine). These are mainly used for large bookings and can be bought in advance. They can be bought in booklets of 10, €1 = 1 voucher and can be used for Eatyard food vendors, across our Bernard Shaw pubs & in the Big Blue Bus for pizza.

    Are you open on the bank holiday?

    We don’t open on bank holiday Mondays.

    Is it ok to bring the kids?

    Kids are ok to bring, but please note Eatyard is NOT kid friendly per se. It can be busy, there’s gravel in the ground which is not great for buggy’s and its a loud, bar, food kinda space. But you can bring your kids, and many people do, just be warned!

    Can I bring my pet?

    Pets are allowed, but must be kept on a leash and kept under strict supervision at all times.

    Where are the toilets?

    Toilets are accessed via the door in the site into the Bernard Shaw, straight down the stairs. Extra seating & tables can be accessed by going into the Shaw’s indoor area.

    How much is Eatyard to hire?

    This can depend on what exactly you want. We’re totally open to hosting all kind of events in Eatyard so get in touch and we can see if it works.

    Do you offer Eatyard for events?

    Get in touch and let us know your idea we love quirky & fun events in Eatyard.

    How much is an activation?

    This can depend on your requirements and the detail of your activation. Get in touch and we can go from there!

    Do I have to be a food vendor to take part?

    Not at all. You could be a market stall, an entertainer, a foodie, we love when people approach us with ideas and want to get involved so please get in touch and we can see how we can work together 🙂

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