Community: Hygiene Banks


We’ve set up a Hygiene Bank at the Nice Burger Stand for folks to drop off donations. This is a community initiative, were volunteers send out hygiene, personal care & household cleaning products to those of us who need them.

We know how tough these times are for everyone right now so anything at all is greatly appreciated 

About The Hygiene Bank Ireland
These are a volunteer group tackling hygiene poverty in Ireland by collecting and donating hygiene products to those who need them through links with charity partners. Hygiene Poverty is not being able to afford many of the everyday hygiene and personal grooming products that most of us take for granted. Our mission is simple: to end hygiene poverty. We partner with organisations in Ireland to ensure donations reach the people that need them and ensure that everything that is donated locally, is given out locally.

For more info on Hygiene Bank – visit their site here


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